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Described strategies that are used for games Perfect Money (PM games) with a 50-50 chance as Head Tail Games in which the profits of at least 2x or 200% or more! And that meant 100% Win does not mean you never lose! 

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Imagine! How likely is if you throw a coin in a row the same results hold? There's no way you lose 14x in a row! Yes, it's unlikely "tail" appears 14x in a row without interspersed "head" though!(Examples money 500 "eagle vs number 500").  

Let yourself take a coin, throwing 1000x, record the result, then compute, have the same appears 14x in a row? Indeed, there are chances. 

Counts below 0.1%. But it's just chance. In fact it will never happen! Please try for yourself!  

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OK If you've not wait, here's the trick:
  1. Create an account Perfect Money HERE.
  2. Fill in your Liberty Reserve account with dollars.
  3. Use your money to play a gam
That IS Perfect Money website I recommend:
getgold game or bet2gold game or click banner at Sidebar this blog.  

CLICK LINK above you then you ADD to the list of FAVORITES or boorkmark (Click Add To Favorites in the upper left toolbar) And so on one by one you CLICK LINK above and SAVE / SAVE into FAVORITES. 

Its function is if you want to play again, you only need it on the FAVORITES CLICK LINK.HOW TO PLAY IN Perfect Money / PM GAMES: 
  1. Select Value Bet / Amount (amount bet) according to who you want (usually chosen from $ 0.1 s / d $ 256)
  2. Select the "head" or "tail"
  3. Click the 'Bet Now!' Or 'LR Win ..'
  4. After the 'Bet Now!' Is clicked, you will go to Perfect Money payment screen as the value bet / amount you choose. In particular browser, you should click the 'Please wait ... redirecting to Perfect Money Payment Processing page ...'. The first page that appears is 'chekout' that explains the purpose of payment and value. Please click 'login' to continue. Then on the second page, please enter no.account Perfect Money and password and the contents of the 'Turing number' as reply appeared at that time. Follow the instructions on the page to the third and so on until the complete payment process.
  5. After the payment process, click the 'back to merchant "and you will know a win / win or lose / loose.


See point 6 this carefully because the secret tricks here ...Here is poin 6.

If you win, you can start a new game again dg appropriate steps to-1If you lose, you go game BUT dg Bet / Amount TWICE earlier than when you play. For example, if your previous bet / amount dg $ 1, then you must bet LOSE IF dg 2 times as much value to $ 2. 

That way, if you win, you still profit even if you previously lost!The calculation if win, you get 2X $ 2 = $ 4 and reduced capital that had you spend the $ 1 + $ 2 so it still PROFIT $ 1. 






The basic principle is LOSE IF, you have to play dg value bet / 2 times the amount of the value of your lost before and this carried on until there is victory, so although only happened 1 time winning games in recent times, you will STAY LUCKY!!! 


The first time around, you bet dg value of $ 1 and lose. So in the game that the two, you have to bet with $2. If you still lose then you should bet dg value of $ 4. And if it is still in a position LOSE, keep playing dg bet up to 2X the value of the previous bet going on the victory. After WIN, you just start again handling your initial bet is $ 1. REPEAT more games continuously TO GAIN you gain more and more every happening VICTORY. 

In practice, NEVER happens 8X continuous defeats. 


Capital can be adjusted financial condition dg respectively, the principle is the amount of capital that you are prepared, then you will get the results you will also be getting bigger and will be more safety in doing the game as not to hit the capital during the fold bet if still in a losing position.  

If you only have a small capital, is not a problem because it can still make a game of LR games.  

You can also borrow capital to his / your brother who has the preponderance of capital, since the results obtained dg preponderance of capital, of course, will give even bigger RESULTS anyway.  

You do not have to worry to borrow capital, because it was only the first day, you'll be able to repay you and the profits belong to you.  

Small baits will produce small fish bait a big BUT will result in a greater FISH. All up to you, going fishing lures dg small or large. 

If you've won $ 10 do not play anymore. Immediately close the windows and leave the game. You can play on other sites or with different computers.  
If you use dynamic IP speedy, it's better because your computer's IP can change every computer restart. Can also use proxy, so the computer's IP may change every change proxy.  

Find dansetting proxy in your browser ... 

Try to imagine a world example on your WIN $ 10 X 10 = $ 100 Website PER DAY!!! Money will be transferred to your Perfect Money less than 5 seconds. If you are a day Play on 10 different computer or IP?  

Can you count yourself, unbelievable right?? Good Luck.

Penyebab Kerontokan Rambut

Rambut rontok bukan masalah yang baru lagi, ini sering terjadi pada setiap orang, baik pria maupun wanita.

Apa yang akan terjadi jika tiap hari rambut kita berguguran dalam jumlah yang banyak, bisa-bisa akan mengakibatkan kebotakan.

Sebelum itu semua terjadi, ada baiknya untuk mengetahui Penyebab Kerontokan Rambut.

Kerontokan rambut di karenakan beberapa faktor diantaranya adalah sebagai berikut:

Kondisi Medis
Rambut rontok hingga terjadi kebotakan biasa terjadi akibat terlalu sering mengkonsumsi obat-obatan tertentu.

Diantara obat itu digunakan untuk keperluan tertentu atau sesuatu lain hal.

Tapi ada baiknya untuk berkonsultasi pada dokter tentang masalah yang di hadapi supaya dokter bisa menjelaskan obat mana yang baik dikonsumsi dan cocok.

Kebotakan juga terjadi bisa disebabkan oleh beberapa penyakit tertentu, diantaranya seperti diabetes atau pun lupus.

 Ada beberapa jenis infeksi yang bisa terjadi pada bagian kulit kepala sehingga menyebabkan rambut rontok dalam jumlah yang banyak dan waktu yang relatif singkat.


Kerontokan rambut kadang juga dialami pada masa kehamilan. Itu disebabkan karena tubuh wanita mengalami banyak proses gangguan selama hamil, belum lagi tingginya hormon yang dihasilkan oleh tubuh.

Tanpa disadari kebanyakan wanita saat hamil tidak sadar kalau rambutnya rontok dalam jumlah yang banyak.

Tapi kerontokan rambut pada masa kehamilan sifatnya sementara dan hanya terjadi pada saat hamil.


Permasalahan rambut rontok selanjutnya adalah faktor keturunan.

Kebanyakan mengalami rambut rontok diakibatkan faktor genetik. Mungkin dari sejarah keluarga ada yang mengalami kebotakan?

Untuk itu cari tahu supaya bisa mengatasi sejak dini.

Penelitian membuktikan bahwa kerontokan rambut disebabkan karena kekurangan hormon dihidrotestosteron (DHT) yang salah satu perannya adalah membantu pertumbuhan rambut.

Tapi masalah ini dapat ditanggulangi oleh sampo khusus yang bisa didapat dengan resep dokter.


Jangan biarkan diri Anda stres, karena stres salah satu penyebab rambut rontok.

Biasanya stres datang disebabkan oleh lelah karena pekerjaan, oleh karena itu usahakan untuk istirahatkan tubuh supaya pikiran dan tubuh kita bisa kembali dalam keadaan seperti semula atau kembali segar lagi.

Untuk lebih jelasnya sebaiknya konsultasikan pada dokter spesialis tentang permasalahan yang Anda hadapi. Karena dengan cara demikian, Anda akan mendapatkan informasi lebih jelas mengenai Penyebab Kerontokan Rambut.

Menghilangkan Bau Kaki

Kesehatan kali ini akan menuliskan tentang menghilagkan bau kaki.

Bau tak sedap yang timbul dari kaki dipicu akibat kemalasan menjaga kebersihan kaki kita.

Coba bayangkan, jika Anda berada disuatu lingkup orang banyak dimana mengharuskan membuka sepatu, maka aroma tak sedap yang tercium tentunya akan mengganggu orang sekitarnya dan ini sering terjadi tanpa kita sadari.

Perhatian kita tentang masalah bau kaki sering dianggap sepele, padahal ini sangat penting demi menjaga percaya diri dan rasa malu kita didepan orang banyak.

Banyak cara untuk menghilangkan bau kaki kita.
Kini saatnya untuk hidup sehat dan bersih karena dengan kebersihan sebagaian dari Iman dan bersih itu sehat :-)

Biasanya bau kaki dipicu dari sepatu yang digunakan, sebaiknya menggunakan sepatu yang pas dengan ukuran kaki kita, mengapa demikian?

Supaya tidak terjadi gesekan, karena gesekan tersebut yang menimbulkan bau di kaki.

Kala Anda menggunakan sepatu sebaiknya kaki Anda terlebih dahulu cuci agar sisa kotoran pada kaki tidak menempel pada sepatu.

Begitu pula sebaliknya pada saat Anda melepas sepatu Anda.

Usahakan untuk senantiasa memotong kuku Anda, kotoran pada kuku merupakan faktor timbulnya bau kaki.

Lalu hal yang terpenting adalah masalah kebersihan sepatu dan kaos kaki. Maka di anjurkan untuk senantiasa memperhatikan kebersihan sepatu dan kaos kaki Anda.

Cucilah sepatu seminggu sekali dan jemurlah sepatu ditempat panas matahari, begitu juga dengan kaos kakinya.

Cara diatas merupakan cara yang umum untuk menghilangkan bau kaki kita.
Tapi jika hal demikian tidak dapat memberikan solusi bau kaki Anda, maka Kesehatan akan memberikan tips-tips menghilangkan bau kaki dengan bahan alami.


  • Ambil 9 helai daun sirih tua
  • Siapkan garam dua sendok makan
  • Rebus air 380 sebanyak 1 liter
  • Masukan daun sirih tadi kedalam air yang telah dipanaskan.
  • Setelah mendidih, angkat, lalu masukan garam, aduk sampai merata, silakan campurkan air sampai suhunya hangat dan kaki dapat berendam di dalamnya,
  • Cucilah dan bersihkan telapak kaki sampai mata kaki secara merata selama 15 menit,
  • Seteleah selesai keringkan dengan handuk.
  • Lakukan secara teratur selama 1 minggu, semoga bau kaki anda akan hilang.
Dengan cara diatas Insya Allah bau kaki akan hilang. Baca juga artikel Khasiat Minum Air Putih

Penyebab Perut Buncit

Penyebab Perut Buncit

Perut buncit sangat merusak pemandangan, dan kadang juga mengurangi rasa percaya diri kita.

Kita perlu mengetahui, apa yang menyebabkan perut

Kesehatan akan memberikan info 6 penyebab perut buncit.

  • Faktor Keturunan 
Faktor keturunan ini merupakan hal yang sulit untuk dihilangkan dan dihindari, karena ini memberikan pengaruh yang besar terjadinya perut buncit.
  • Faktor Penuaan
Dengan bertambah usia, produksi hormon dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) mulai menurun.
Berdasarkan hasil studi yang dilakukan telah menemukan hubungan penurunan hormon ini dengan peningkatan akumulasi lemak di perut.

  • Faktor Makanan dan Minuman Tertentu 
Makanan cepat saji sebagai penyebab perut buncit, karena jumlah kalori dan lemaknya yang sangat tinggi, begitu halnya dengan minuman yang mengandung alkohol seperti bir yang bisa membuat otot menjadi kendur. Alkohol sangat berbahaya bagi tubuh, hal ini dikarenakan alkohol mengandung kalori tinggi, sama seperti jumlah kalori pada makanan berlemak.
  • Faktor Merokok

Tembakau pada rokok yang Anda hisap tiap hari, akan merusak kerja pencernaan Anda.
Biasanya ketika merokok setelah makan, perut terasa kembung lantaran pencernaan tidak bekerja dengan baik.

  • Faktor Stress

Kondisi psikologis dapat mengganggu kerja tubuh dan pencernaan. Stresdapat membuat Anda merasa kenyang dan menimbulkan masalah pada kemampuan tubuh menyimpan lemak.

Hasilnya perut terlihat lebih mengembang. Untuk mengatasinya dengan cara rileks dan bernafas secara perlahan-lahan.

  • Faktor Perubahan Hormon

Terutama saat menopause. Hal ini bisa juga menyebabkan penurunan dalam produksi hormon seks estrogen yang mengarah pada peningkatan lemak perut.

Itulah 6 penyebab terjadinya perut buncit, semoga info yang kami berikan dapat menambah pengetahuan Anda dan memberikan solusi bagi kita semua untuk menghindari hal-hal yang bisa menyebabkan perut buncit.

Baca juga artikel kesehatan mengenai

A.J. McCarron brought a complete containerful of shoes with him to Miami

The stereotype of the beautiful boy quarterback in all probability started with Joe Namath.

If it did not begin there, Namath for certain formed it.

So it's fitting that this Alabama quarterback is following in Namath's fashion footsteps.

While A.J. McCarron is not attending to be sporting a coat on the sideline, he likes to appear trendy (and we're not creating fun of him for it, considering he is got the total "dating Miss Alabama" issue going on).

That's why he brought a full containerful of shoes with him to the BCS Championship Game.

How many shoes within the bag?

He says there square measure thirty pairs.

Now, why would McCarron have to be compelled to bring thirty pairs of shoes with him for a six-day keep in Miami?

"I figure you'll wear an equivalent outfit, amendment the shoes and it's sort of a wholly totally different outfit," McCarron aforementioned.

McCarron is known for his assortment of bow ties, wears enough toiletry to double as his helmet and features a wicked chest tattoo, that the love for shoes should not be a giant surprise either.

Like Deion Sanders says, "If you look sensible, you are feeling sensible.

And if you are feeling sensible, you play sensible.

If you play sensible, they pay sensible.

Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame takes on Alabama weekday night within the BCS national championship game, however once cheering fans shout “Go Notre Dame!” from the sports stadium bleachers, what area unit they very saying?

When The Rev. Edward Sorin of the French Congregation of Holy Cross supported the university in 1842, he gave it the French name L’Universit√© American state Notre Dame du animal product, (In English: The University of Our woman of the Lake).

“I came here as a young man and unreal of building a good university in honor of Our woman,” Sorin later aforesaid.

Therefore once fans root for Notre Dame, they're truly crying out “Our woman,” a title bearing on Jewess, celebrated to Catholics because the virgin mother of Christ. The words of the university’s school were written by a priest, and therefore the song also honors Jewess, expression “Notre Dame, our mother.” additionally to “Touchdown Christ,” the university’s field is known for its golden domed-building upon that a sculpture of Jewess stands.

“Prayers and hymns conformation the Jewess is derived back as so much because the third century, however the center Ages, particularly the eleventh and twelfth centuries, were the amount of inflated reverence for Our Blessed Lady” writes author M.M. Miles in her book “Maiden and Mother.”

Churches and different Catholics establishments are named when her or dedicated to her honor for one,600 years.

Notre Dame joins thousands of different Catholic establishments these days in being named when Mary.

According to Catholic theology, Jewess was planned in her mother Anne’s female internal reproductive organ while not sin (called the “Immaculate Conception”), and ne'er physically fulfilled her wedding to Joseph, Jesus’s adoptive, sublunary father, creating her a “perpetual virgin.” as a result of she is seen as totally human, Catholics area unit usually implored to measure Mary’s example of obedience to God and altruistic devotion to Christ (who is taken into account each God and man.)

He’s been referred to as “the initial adherent.” To Catholics, the presence of  Mary is usually seen as a proof of hope in places or times of distress.

There area unit historical examples, several still honored these days, like Our woman of Guadalupe or Our woman of Fatimah, and people of the current day, like the sculpture of Mary that survived the destruction of cyclone Sandy in Breezy purpose, NY.

What will Jewess mother of God have to be compelled to do with crushing skulls on the soccer field? masses, if you browse Kevin Helliker’s piece in Monday’s Wall Street Journal.

The University of Notre Dame and its eleven have merging ancient Catholic traditions with strictly Fighting Irish ones, from attending Mass before games to pre-game prayers of the Litany of the Jewess.

No, you don’t have to be compelled to be Catholic to attend Notre Dame, however eighty three % of its student body is. whereas Helliker reportable that “most players on the Notre Dame squad aren’t Catholic,” that has not stopped most of them from clutch the school’s old spiritual traditions.

Gerome Sapp, the captain of the 2002 squad, consistent with Helliker’s reportage, “had no qualms concerning leading the team within the prayer, a prayer totally alien to his Baptist upbringing.”

Sapp told Helliker “Prayer was only one tradition during a faculty wealthy with tradition.” For others, it’s a convention too far:

“The distance between fashionable Protestantism and fashionable Romanism isn't additional apparent than once doctrines and pious practices concerning Jewess arise,” aforesaid the Rev. R. prince consort Mohler boy., president of the Baptist system of rules Seminary.

Explains Mohler: “Evangelical Christians honor Jewess as she is justifiedly honored in Scripture. 

However evangelicals don't notice any biblical basis for claims that Jewess holds a unbroken purposeful role in salvation or the Christian life.” Notre Dame additionally has its critics at intervals the church. Post author and ND alum Melinda Henneberger says she won’t be cheering for her school as a result of she believes the university responded deeply inadequately to allegations of regulatory offense and rape against 2 players.

Archangel Leahy, writing for Outlook, aforesaid that Notre Dame reflects several of the problems that Catholics have with their church at massive --

From prohibitions on family planning to not tolerating dissent. On the opposite finish of the spectrum from Leahy is that the high priest Society, that has usually criticized Notre Dame as not Catholic enough for acts like its invite and academic degree to President Obama in 2009.

The university named when  Mary has served not solely as a home for storied sports groups facing off on the playing area, however has additionally been, just like the church itself, home of the many battles over the way to keep the religion.

Russell Wilson Last greenhorn Quarterback Left In NFL Playoffs when Seahawks Eliminate Redskins

Russell Wilson Last greenhorn Quarterback Left In NFL Playoffs when Seahawks Eliminate Redskins Wild-card weekend is over within the NFL playoffs, and Seattle's Russell Wilson is that the lone greenhorn quarterback remaining.

And, Wilson's Seahawks created a fairly smart case that they may be here a short while.

Wilson teamed with Marshawn kill to guide metropolis to a 24-14 comeback finish over the Washington Redskins, who finished the sport Sunday while not Robert mythical creature III – their star greenhorn quarterback who reinjured his right knee.

"It was an amazing game," Wilson aforementioned. "We were lucky enough to come back out with a win. it absolutely was a battle, we tend to unbroken taking part in.

One play at a time, that is what I unbroken telling the fellows." The Seahawks (12-5) overcame a 14-0 first-quarter hole – their biggest deficit this season – and can visit the top-seeded Atlanta Falcons (13-3) next Sunday.

Metropolis incorporates a six-game streak, associated over the stigma that it could not win on the road within the playoffs – ending an eight-game skid aloof from place the postseason.

"It was an enormous win," Wilson aforementioned, "and we're excited regarding the opportunities." In Baltimore, Ray Lewis and therefore the Ravens eliminated saint Luck, the No. one overall choose, and therefore the capital of Indiana Colts with a 24-9 win.

The finish delayed Lewis' retirement for a minimum of another week as Baltimore (11-6) heads to top-seeded capital of Colorado (13-3) next Sat.

"I knew however it started, however I ne'er knew however it'd finish here in Baltimore," aforementioned Lewis, who vie his final game. "To go the method it did these days, i would not amendment nothing." The other competition games next weekend square measure metropolis at point of entry on Sat, and Houston at geographical region on Sunday.

The Packers (12-5) came upon the confrontation with the 49ers (11-4-1) when beating the North Star State Vikings within the wild-card spherical Sat.

The groups met within the season opener, a 30-22 finish by point of entry.

Houston gets another likelihood against geographical region when beating metropolis 19-13 on Sat in quarterback Matt Schaub's 1st postseason begin.

The AFC East champion Patriots trounced the Texans 42-14 at Foxborough on Dec. 10, the primary of 3 losses in four games for Houston to finish the regular season.

 At Landover, Md., Griffin's knee buckled as he tried to field a foul scattergun snap, effort the Redskins associate offseason to fret regarding their franchise player's health.

Griffin was taking part in in his third game since spraining his right knee a couple of month agone against Baltimore, associated he had been trying gimpy since tumbling backward following an foolish throw have a say the primary quarter.

Nevertheless, he stayed within the game. Redskins coach electro-acoustic transducer Shanahan aforementioned he did not pull mythical creature as a result of the quarterback wished to continue.

"I assume I did place myself at additional risk," mythical creature aforementioned. "But on every occasion you get on the sector, you are swing yourself on the road." Griffin was regular for associate tomography to see the extent of the injury.

Lynch ran for 132 yards, and Wilson completed fifteen of twenty six passes for 187 yards and ran eight times for sixty seven yards for the Seahawks. Ravens 24, Colts 9 Anquan Boldin set a franchise record with a hundred forty five yards receiving, as well as the clinching touchdown within the Ravens' finish.

It came upon a repeat with capital of Colorado and Peyton Manning, WHO cruised past Baltimore 34-17 3 weeks agone. "I wished capital of Colorado," Boldin aforementioned, "because they beat U.S..

We'll create it completely different." Lewis, who created thirteen tackles, over his last game in Baltimore at fullback for the ultimate kneel-down.

He then went into a brief version of his trademark dance before being mobbed by teammates.

He followed with a lap, his right arm, lined by a brace, command high in salute to the fans when taking part in for the primary time since tearing his right skeletal muscle on October. fourteen against urban center.

The loss over the Colts' turnaround season within which they went from 2-14 to the playoffs in coach Chuck Pagano's 1st year in capital of Indiana (11-6).

Pagano uncomprehensible twelve weeks whereas undergoing treatment for cancer of the blood and came back last week.

Indy's solely points came on 3 field goals by Adam Vinatieri. Luck completed twenty eight of fifty four passes, the foremost tries by a greenhorn in an exceedingly game, for 288 yards.