Kate Winslet Weds Ned RocknRoll, Richard Branson’s kinsman

Well, it's like Kate is formally off the market.

Yesterday, her publicizer confirmed the 37-year-old thespian quietly wed her 34-year-old young man Ned RocknRoll during a personal ceremony in big apple town earlier this month.

Yes, you scan that right – Winslet’s husband’s legal name is Ned RocknRoll.

Consistent with her representative, the 2 had been engaged since the summer and got married before of atiny low cluster of friends and family.
Together with Winslet’s large co-star, old master DiCaprio, WHO reportedly gave the bride away.

Though originally born Ned Abel Smith, RocknRoll is that the kinsman of Virgin cluster founder and rich person Sir Richard Branson.

Apparently, Ned and Kate met at lover Island, Branson’s personal island within the Caribbean, in August 2011.

Throughout that very same visit, Tropical Storm Irene (better referred to as cyclone Irene) set the business magnate’s $70 million house blazing and Winslet somewhat splendidly saved Branson’s 90-year-old mother.

If his family name clearly wasn’t enough to indicate you that Winslet’s new married person features a sense of humor, RocknRoll conjointly happens to be the top of promoting.

Promotion and traveller expertise at Branson’s Virgin Galactic, a title that he apparently created up himself. It is Winslet’s third wedding once her former marriages to director guided missile.

Mendes and director Jim Threapleton. it's Rocknroll’s second wedding once his previous wedding to British personage Eliza Pearson.


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