NRA official to face queries for initial time since contentious remarks

In an occurrence delineated as a news conference --

Although he did not take queries.

National Rifle Association govt vp Wayne LaPierre on Fri demanded a lot of guns, not fewer, within the wake of a mass shooting at a Connecticut grade school.

On Sunday, he'll be asked to relinquish answers, when some decried his initial statement as insensitive and harmful.

NBC's David Gregory can interview LaPierre on "Meet the Press" Sunday morning.

The National Rifle Association effectively had been silent till Fri, specifically one week when Adam Lanza shot his method into Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown and killed twenty kids -- none of them older than seven -- and 6 adults.

He used a "Bushmaster AR-15 assault-type weapon" to massacre his victims, aforesaid Connecticut State Police Lt. Paul Vance, before killing himself with a piece.

The rampage lit revived national debates over regulating, psychological state care and faculty safety.

Instead of expressing openness to a lot of demanding regulating measures, LaPierre doubled-down and gave no hint he would support any restrictions, together with those on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

Instead, he goddamned video games and also the media, whereas conjointly proposing golf shot Associate in Nursing armed guard in each U.S. college so as to safeguard schoolchildren.

"The solely factor that stops a foul guy with a gun could be a someone with a gun," LaPierre aforesaid.

Some gun house owners and largely Republican officers rallied around LaPierre, and a few -- like Texas Gov. Rick Perry -- have indicated they support golf shot armed guards, or maybe academics with hid weapons, in schools.

CNN iReporter Jason Asselin applauded the NRA's stance, even proposing that U.S. troops coming back from war zones function armed guards. "Right now, our colleges stay unprotected," he said. "Action is required. our kids should be protected."

But most of the reaction to LaPierre has been a lot of negative.

Democratic Senator-elect and U.S. Rep. Chris root vegetable, whose district includes Newtown, known as LaPierre's words "the most loathsome, tone deaf statement I've ever seen." big apple city manager Michael Bloomberg, Associate in Nursing freelance, blasted them as "a shameful evasion of the crisis facing the country." And former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael writer aforesaid he found the remarks "very haunting and really worrisome."

This wave of criticism continuing weekday.

New York's ordinarily politically polar opposite tabloids, for example, offered identical take: The Daily News' headline known as LaPierre the "Craziest Man on Earth," whereas Rupert Murdoch's big apple Post ran with, "Gun Nut! National Rifle Association loon in freaky rant over Newtown."

Rick Huffman, another CNN iReporter and a retired law officer, break up his National Rifle Association card within the wake of the mass shooting, that he aforesaid modified his views on regulating.

"There's ought to be a limit to what they let voters have at their disposal," the Michigan resident aforesaid.

Both sides, at least, seem to agree one thing must be done to forestall a lot of mass shootings like what happened Dec fourteen within the once quiet Connecticut city. President Barack Obama used his speech at a prayer meeting for the massacre's victims to imply action and later on tapped vp Joe Biden to guide a gaggle charged with bobbing up with solutions.

Polls counsel that, when Newtown, the yank public is progressively receptive measures like the ban on assault weapons, that was in result within the Nineteen Nineties till it nonchurchgoing in 2004.

A CNN/ORC poll conducted when the shooting shows that a small majority of usa citizens favor restrictions on guns. Conservative Democrats and even some Republicans World Health Organization have supported gun rights have aforesaid they're receptive discussing regulating.

In his speech last Sunday night, Obama insisted inaction wasn't Associate in Nursing possibility, particularly once it involves protective kids.

"We cannot tolerate this any longer," the president aforesaid, alluding not solely to Newtown however 3 alternative mass shootings over the past 2 years. "These tragedies should finish.

And to finish them, we have a tendency to should modification."


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