A.J. McCarron brought a complete containerful of shoes with him to Miami

The stereotype of the beautiful boy quarterback in all probability started with Joe Namath.

If it did not begin there, Namath for certain formed it.

So it's fitting that this Alabama quarterback is following in Namath's fashion footsteps.

While A.J. McCarron is not attending to be sporting a coat on the sideline, he likes to appear trendy (and we're not creating fun of him for it, considering he is got the total "dating Miss Alabama" issue going on).

That's why he brought a full containerful of shoes with him to the BCS Championship Game.

How many shoes within the bag?

He says there square measure thirty pairs.

Now, why would McCarron have to be compelled to bring thirty pairs of shoes with him for a six-day keep in Miami?

"I figure you'll wear an equivalent outfit, amendment the shoes and it's sort of a wholly totally different outfit," McCarron aforementioned.

McCarron is known for his assortment of bow ties, wears enough toiletry to double as his helmet and features a wicked chest tattoo, that the love for shoes should not be a giant surprise either.

Like Deion Sanders says, "If you look sensible, you are feeling sensible.

And if you are feeling sensible, you play sensible.

If you play sensible, they pay sensible.


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