Kathy Griffin monster simulates head on Anderson Cooper

Memoranda to Anderson Cooper : Your resolution for 2013 might want to be to prevent tantalising Kathy Griffin monster back.

Griffin, WHO born the F bomb in 2009 and tried to unclothe to her underclothing last year, outdid herself Tuesday night in her quest to shock the veteran newsperson by touching on his privates on air and later making an attempt to simulate head on her overtly gay succor.

Cooper born the ball —

metaphorically speaking —

many minutes into the printed once he referred to a Twitter follower's comments that there might be a drinking game whenever he giggled at Griffin's jokes.

"I'm progressing to tickle your sack," his comic co-host now aforementioned.

"You will say sack that is colossal.” “I do not know what you are talking concerning.

I actually have no sack of gifts here," Cooper stammered. "A sack of Christmas presents.

I didn't bring a sack of Christmas presents." But that remark was like brother within the water for Griffin: "Do you decision your reproductive organ your Christmas presents," she asked in mock surprise.

"Typical hot guy." That evidenced a appetiser for the most course 2 hours later.

Shortly once time of day, Anderson move a live report by correspondent urban center historiographer from Eastport, Maine, wherever the town's custom is to kiss a sculpture of AN eight-foot sardine that drops from the highest of a building very similar to the ball in New York's city district.

The camera then reduce to Cooper and Kathy Griffin time to catch the self-proclaimed D-lister making an attempt to kiss Cooper's crotch. "Did you drop one thing," he asked. “No, i used to be stimulation your sardine,” she answered.

But the vulgar humor did not stop there.

“I will try this all night long," mythical monster aforementioned as Cooper grabbed her and force her to her upright.

“I'm occurring jock in 2 nights, and he needs an instant,” she dead panned.

The awkward tug of war lasted one or two a lot of painful seconds before mythical monster aforementioned, "“You understand you wish to."

“Believe Pine Tree State, i actually do not,” answered Cooper, not guffawing.

At least this year
in contrast to 2012's stunt within which mythical monster tried to strip to her underclothing

she unbroken her garments on.


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